In continuing the end of the year wrap up theme, I wanted to take some time to talk about  I cannot speak highly enough about Witsup.  I discovered the website earlier this year when I stumbled upon a link to the Witsup preview of Ironman Mont Tremblant on Twitter (@witsupcom).  Rather than pay lip service to the big names on the start list, these ladies actually understood the race and knew the up and comers (I was particularly impressed that they understood Jennie Hansen was (and is) a force to be reckoned with).  I am a huge advocate of promoting professionals in triathlon and here was a place that was doing it right (plus they’re out of Australia, Australians are cool, who doesn’t love koala bears?).

After reading the article I sent an e-mail to the Witsup editor-in-chief Stef Hansen (the “Chief”) telling her I thought the website was awesome, linking to some of my previous work for Slowtwitch and asking if I could write for them.  Her immediate response was “Want to write a wrap up of Timberman 70.3?” I jumped at the opportunity and have been lucky enough to write several pieces for witsup this year.  I even got my own profile page on the website.  Not only did I get to write for Witsup, I was also able to get media credentials, which are awesome.  There’s nothing like having an all access pass to a race.

imfl media

In 2013, I was able to write thirteen articles for Witsup and I’m looking forward to more writing, reporting (and who knows possible a trip to race in Australia, if Shaun ever agress) in 2014.  Here are my articles for your reading pleasure:

Hauschildt untouchable at Timberman 70.3

Challenge Penticton Preview

Lester, an Animal in Penticton

Ironman Wisconsin Preview

Jackie Arendt, Hometown Hero!

Who Will Be Flying High at Ironman Lake Tahoe?

Ironman Lake Tahoe Preview – BRRRRRRR!

Preview: Showdown at Ironman Florida

Van Vlerken Smashes Course Record at Ironman Florida

Ironman Arizona Preview

A Trio of Sub-Nines at Ironman Arizona

Ironman Cozumel Preview

Another Sub-Nine Performance for Joyce at Ironman Cozumel


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erin · December 28, 2013 at 7:37 pm

Love witsup and so fun you write for them!

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