Girls in the Hoodie (Large) and Distance Shorts (12).

One of the difficulties I’ve faced training post-pregnancy is that nothing fits me (carrying an extra 40 lbs will do that to you). Although some of my pre-pregnancy workout gear is stretchy enough to remain in use, I’ve had to purchase a fairly extensive exercise wardrobe in the last few weeks.  While its been on the expensive side (not a good thing), it has given me the opportunity to test lots of new pieces from the Oiselle 2016 Fall Line.  Before reading the reviews, here are my current numbers to help with fit (Note: it was traumatic taking these measurements; pre-pregnancy, I was here):

Height – 5′ 9″ (I grew a bit while pregnant, no idea how that happened)

Inseam – 33″

Under bust – 38″

Over bust – 43.5″ (this measurement kind of shocked me)

Waist – 36″

Hip – 48″

Window Tights – Size 10.  Simply: I love these tights.  Based on word of mouth, I sized down to a 10 because I heard they run on the larger side; they do.  The waistband is flat and there’s no drawstring, which I love.  TMI alert: inevitably when I run in tights with a drawstring, I have to use the bathroom and always have the hardest time trying to undo the drawstring knot.  The waist is tight enough to stay up and to provide some support on my now-looser lower abs, but not so tight as to feel like I’m pouring myself into sausage casing.  I love the mesh detailing on both the waist band and lower leg, plus the zipper at the ankle means you can take the tights off without taking off your shoes (I’m thinking this would be super useful when trying to change in a port-a-potty during Ragnar and not wanting to have my feet on the nasty floor).  I really like the length as well (although, if I had a wish list, another inch or two would be really, really awesome).  The material is standard medium weight. I can see myself wearing these tights down to temperatures in 30s but may need another layer when it gets super cold.


Lux Raglan (12), Window Tights (10) and Little Otter.

Black Widow Tights – Size 12.  Compared to the window tights, these tights are snugger and more compressive (they’re also snugglier as the fabric is super soft and almost feels like a fleece lining).  Like the Window Tights, there’s no drawstring on the waist band, but with these tights the waist band is a bit snugger and more compressive.  It took a little bit of wiggling to get into these tights (especially over my hips), but once they were on, they were very comfortable.  They also provide a more compressive fit throughout the legs.  I really like them for cooler weather running and I also like how they “hold everything in.”  I have the irrational fear that post c-section my uterus will literally fall out.  These tights go a long way to alleviating that issue.  On top of the solid fit, the tights are gorgeous.  The tights are black with an embossed black design, which makes them very flattering but still gives them a bit of pop.  I can see myself wearing these all winter.


Black Widow Tights (12) and Spandos Jane Bra (Large) — obviously the bra no longer works for running.

Distance Shorts Size 12.  These were my go to pregnancy shorts (I wore them below my belly) and they’ve continued to be my go-to short post partum.  I’m not wearing them running at the moment. It’s pretty chilly here in the morning when I run (usually in the 40s).  Second I have thigh rub going on at the moment and I feel like running would be uncomfortable. That being said, I wear these shorts for everything else (strength, core, hanging around feeding the Little Otter, you name it). The legs of the shorts are wide enough to accommodate athletic and/or post baby thighs and there’s enough of an inseam (3+ inches) to not feel indecent even on my long legs.  I’m looking forward to the day that I’ll not only be wearing these for conditioning but that I’ll be back running in them.


Girls in the Hoodie (Large), Distance Shorts (12) and the Little Otter (who was getting fussy).

Jogging Knickers – Size 12.  These were my first post-pregnancy pants and the Little Otter and I walked over 100 miles wearing them in the month of September.  The waistband is flat with a drawstring.  On my legs, these knickers hit just below the knee and there is a little creep towards the knee when I run in them.  Overall they’re comfortable and work for running, walking and just hanging out.  I’ll be wearing these until it finally gets truly cold here, then I’ll switch out to the Window Tight and Black Widows.


Lux Raglan (12) and Jogging Knickers (12).

Girls in the Hoodie – Size Large.  I love snuggly clothes.  This is the snuggliest hoodie ever.  I ordered it in my “normal” size because I knew it was something I would want to wear for years.  The large is a little tight but its still wearable.  Its perfect post-run / weekend morning wear and I’m hoping that as the months and weeks pass it will fit better.

Vim Jacket – Size Extra Large.  I hate purchasing clothing in Extra Large.  For some reason its a line in the sand that makes me feel like a failure.  I am, however, glad I got over my own mental hurdles and purchased this jacket.  It fits well (and it fits the body I have now, which makes a huge difference).  The material is super light but also feels incredibly high quality.  I’ve worn it for runs in the high 30s with a short sleeve shirt underneath and it was perfect.  Plus it folds up into a pouch, which makes it perfect for changeable days.


Vim Jacket (XL) and Jogging Knickers (12).

Quill Vest – Size Extra Large.  This vest is gorgeous.  I so wanted a winter coat that fit so I purchased it in an extra large.  When it arrived in the mail I was so excited to put it on, only to realize that I couldn’t even zip it up.  I was so devastated.  Not only did it not fit, I had to deal with the realization that I was too big for the largest size available.  Its amazing how much clothing and the fit of clothing can impact how you feel.  This particular piece made me feel horrible.  That being said, if you are small (or at least smaller than me) the vest is beautiful, it feels super warm and I’m sure there are lots of bodies it looks good on, just not mine. Be aware: you’ll need to size up. A lot.


Quill Vest (XL), Lux Raglan (12) and Window Tights (10).

Lux Raglan Short Sleeve – Size 12.  I love Lux (I’m living in last season’s Lux Sweatshirt, which you can get super cheap on Amazon right now).  Its stretchy and soft and forgiving while still performing in both warm and cold weather.  The raglan short sleeve is cut a bit wider than other Lux pieces such as the Winona Tank (although it is still narrower than the Lux Sweatshirt).  I’ve actually gone from wearing this running right to throwing on a pair of jeans and continuing to wear the raglan short sleeve all day (it works really well for breast feeding as well due to the stretch in the fabric).


Lux Raglan (12), Window Tights (10) and the Little Otter.

Kimono Short Sleeve – Size 12.  I have so wanted to love this but, for me, the fit is not quite there.  The material is super soft, the sheer fabric on the upper body and sleeves is gorgeous but due to my current extreme hippiness the flowing effect the body is supposed to have is completely lost on me.  I’m hoping that with some weight loss, this shirt will fit.


Kimono Short Sleeve (12) and Black Widow Tights (12).

Gifted Verra – Size 12.  So, I now have boobs. Sports bras have become a whole new challenge for me.  I tried to wear an old Tracktion Bra running and my boobs literally popped out of the bra (Ryan thought this was somewhat hilarious. I didn’t share his opinion).  Post-pregnancy, the Gifted Verra has become one of my go to bras.  It holds everything in place, doesn’t chafe and doesn’t cause back fat.  Right now I’m only running 2-3 miles at a time, so it will be interesting to see how it hold up on longer runs.


Gifted Verra (12).



Gifted Verra (12).

High Low Bra – Size 12.  Similar to the Gifted Verra, right now this bra works for my new acquired D cup (measuring myself it appears I’m currently a 38D, that’s a big difference from my former 34/36B).  On this bra, I really like the open back (especially with a heart rate monitor) and the adjustable straps make it fairly easy to breast feed as well.  I’m hoping this bra continues to work as the miles increase.


Hi Low Bra (12).



High Low Bra (12).


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