I had a few blog posts planned for this past weekend but mother nature got in the way and threw a crazy October Nor’easter at us. Like pretty much everyone else in Connecticut (particularly western Connecticut) we lost power on Saturday and it looks like it will take a week to have us back on-line. Shaun and I are lucky, I turned on the gas fireplace before the power went out so we have heat and hot water. Lots of people I know are without heat and with temperatures going down into the 20s at night, its not very comfortable.  

Not only did the storm mess with my ability to post, it also messed with my nutrition and my final work outs going into Ironman Florida.  As strange as it sounds, nutrition is more important in the week leading up to race than before.  Prior to tapering, I had a pretty big training load so there was some leeway to carbohydrates (which don’t have to be refrigerated or cooked — two things I don’t have without power).  For the past week or so, I have been incredibly cognizant of the food I’m eating.  Pretty much lean protein, vegetables, legumes, nuts, Greek yogurt and cottage cheese.  Not the most exciting diet, but super effective in cutting weight prior to race day (I was able to drop about 4 lbs in the past week).  Without a refrigerator or stove, its pretty difficult to maintain this diet.  Shaun and I were forced to throw out all the meat and dairy this morning and I’m not sure how long my veggies will last.  I’ve stored some cooked chicken breasts at work but it looks like we’ll be eating out a lot.  While its fun to eat out, there are lots of temptations and its gets expensive fast. 

In addition to the food issue, its not so easy to train in the dark (or with downed trees and power lines everywhere). I got my bike and run in on Saturday before it started to snow (it was actually pretty solid run too) but I was not so successful with my bike and run on Sunday.  I got some time in on Cycleops trainer (the Computrainer has completely spoiled me) but I wasn’t able to run as there are downed trees and wires everywhere and both gyms were closed because of power outages.  Today is a rest day, but power or no power, I really feel like I need to get my workouts in tomorrow and Wednesday before we leave.  Its not so much that I “need” to train — I’m not going to gain any fitness — its that I need a sense of normalcy before racing Ironman Florida. 

Its interesting, there’s this whole mantra of prepare for everything when racing long.  I guess while I’ve prepared for all possibilities on race day (I hope), I failed to prepare for the fact that my entire pre-race week would be turned upside down. 

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