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In the last few weeks something has clicked. I’m training with some degree of regularity and am actually swimming, biking and running.  All three.  In the same week.  I would love to say that there’s some magic formula to getting things done, or that all I had to do was HTFU and everything fell into …
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Squish 1

Baby steps.  That’s where I’m at.  Huge big goals for 2017 led to huge big disappointments (no Ironman Florida and pretty much stalling at developing any type of meaningful fitness).  I’ve learned that lesson.  While 2017 sucked, it has taught me lessons — that Squish throws a monkey wrench into almost every attempt at scheduling …
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Brain Drain

November 13th, 2017 | Posted by Ryan Heisler in Injury | Life | Little Otter | Ryan - (0 Comments)
Furry Otter

The initial impact seems innocuous enough. Just another bump. Nothing you haven’t done a hundred times before. You’ll shake it off. Then the fog starts to set in. It comes in fast, like a gale off the water, to envelope the entire harbor that is your thought process. Everything gets harder. You can feel the …
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