Will This Nourish Me?

I try really hard to keep a positive (or at least productive) attitude even though I find it very easy to be self deprecating, especially when it comes to body composition and, in turn, food. Despite an almost complete and total meltdown related to the fact that I haven’t lost Read more…

By Kelly Burns Gallagher, ago

Good News / Bad News

As I posted a couple of weeks ago after four years of gaining weight without explanation, I was finally diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (“PCOS”).  Based on the diagnosis, my reproductive endocrinologist sent me for an entire battery of blood work to determine treatment options.  Two hours, five different Read more…

By Kelly Burns Gallagher, ago

Stating the Obvious

A few months ago I was selected for the Hartford Marathon Elite Inspiration Team.  My selection (and the selection of the other eight members of the team) had nothing to do my athletic resume but rather was about involvement and support of the endurance sports community and my struggles with Read more…

By Kelly Burns Gallagher, ago