Today is the day the stitches come out.  Sixteen days post-accident I’m going to be able to bend my knee more than 10 or 20 degrees.  As excited as I am to be free of blue surgical sutures I am a little nervous about what’s next.  In my hyper organized type A life there’s always a next.  But right now, not so much.  I keep asking my physical therapist “when can I bike, when can I run?” And she keeps giving me the same answer “we’ll see.”  The recovery timeline for something like ACL surgery usually allows for running to begin about 3 months post-surgery.  While I have a large knee incision, swelling and muscle damage, all my ligaments and tendons are fine so presumably I will be able to start running sooner.  Problem is no one has an actual answer for me and in order to plan (everyone loves planning, there’s almost nothing that is as much fun as signing up for races) I need some idea of what path my recovery will take.

Right now I am registered for Ironman Florida and while its not exactly off the table its not exactly  on the table either.  It is as if Florida is on the menu but I’m still trying to figure out if I have enough money in my wallet to be able to pay for it.  Whether or not I’m able to race all depends on how quickly the internal damage heals and how soon I gain mobility in the knee.  While Florida may or may not be possible (its Schrödinger’s race) there are lots of other possibilities — the Cranberry Sprint if I’m healing quickly, the Hartford Half Marathon, possibly a late season 70.3 or Ragnar Tennessee.  For now I’m I going to focus on what I can control — doing my PT, getting back on the trainer and getting in the water and take things one day at a time.  November will be here before I know it.

And now for those who are interested, a final shot of he knee with surgical sutures:


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