Shaun I spent last weekend in St. Petersburg Florida for the St. Anthony’s Race. This was Shaun’s “home” race for a long time so it was nice to go back and re-visit the old stomping ground.

We spent most of Saturday at the race site / expo. Shaun put together the bike, I got my back/neck worked on, we both registered and then I did a little easy S-B-R. Shaun acted as sherpa all day and did a fantastic job.

See– I can help put the bikes together. I’m a very good bike stand.

During my run I found a big bird. I loved this bird and made Shaun take a picture of us together.

On the way to dinner (EVOs – so very good, wish there was one in Connecticut), we saw the best Chick-Fil-A sign ever.

Morning of the race breakfast of champions, applesauce and Ironman Perform. Although I took Shaun’s bottle and made him drink mine because mine had a lovely dish soap flavor to it.

I had a pretty good race. Could have gone harder on the bike and run but not a bad effort. Here I am post-race, endurox in hand.

And finally, a picture of Shaun and I together.

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Kelly Burns Gallagher

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