I forgot how much 5Ks can hurt. Today was the Snow Dash 5K and I haven’t “run” a 5K in almost two years and I use the word “run” in the loosest possible way. The last time I crossed the finish line of a 5K, I did so in 29 minutes and change — just under a 10 minute/mile pace.

Today, after working with Coach Doug and QT2 for 7 months, I PRed with a 24:07 (7:47/mile pace) on a tough course (lots of turns, a nasty hills and 20 mph wind — got to love January in New England). The best part is that I ran this 5K after 12 weeks of nothing but base — not bad to PR a 5K without any speed work. Here’s the breakdown:

Mile 1 – 7:16
Mile 2 – 8:10
Mile 3 – 7:54
Mile 3.1 – :44

Started off a little too fast, nasty hill in mile 2 and started to get my groove back by in mile 3. I finished 3/22 in the 30-39 age group and was the 13th female overall (out of about 100). As nice as it was to PR, I’m glad there won’t be any more 5Ks in my near future. I like running half marathons much better and I feel like I execute them better as well.

Below is the 5K crew, from left to right, Jeff-y, Shaun, Me and Erica:

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