I’m finally in the rest week of my 5 week base block. While its good to rest now, last week was a bit of a beast training wise (just under 21 hours). My biggest day was Saturday, which included a 4 hour 27 minute trainer ride, an hour long run and several hours prep for this week Greater Hartford 1/4 Marathon (I’m he race director). Here’s how my Saturday played out:

Attaching B-tag to the back of 500 race bibs.

Baking cookies for the post-race spread.

Off to run. 60 Minutes at Z1 (about 7 miles).

Back home. Chocolate chip panckaes for Shaun.

Almond flour pancakes for me.

Kitten watching us eat.

L-o-n-g time on the trainer (4:27 on the IMKY course).

The downstairs bike family. Shaun worked on my CD.01 while I rode.

Post-bike (and post-shower) meal — turkey bruger, sweet potato and spinach.

Stuffing eggs for the 1/4 Marathon egg hunt.

500 stuffed eggs.

All in all a long day. Hopefully the traing pays off at the Danbury Half Marathon this weekend and the prepping pays off at the 1/4 Marathon.

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Kelly Burns Gallagher

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