As I have mentioned, at the moment, my biggest limiter is my body composition. I have somewhere between 25-40 pounds to loose in order to be at “race weight” — that is the weight at which I will race the fastest. I’m having a body fat test done on Sunday, which will help me get a better handle on what my race weight should be, but its probably in the range of 135-140 pounds (unfortunately right now I’m sitting at 166lbs on my 5′ 8″ frame). Generally speaking, I’m a really good eater, I don’t eat grains or processed carbohydrates expect for immediately before, during and immediately after training, I don’t eat any processed food except for training aids (such as gels and sports drink), I eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetable, I avoid added sugar and I never touch alcohol. Despite this fact I haven’t been able to drop weight over the last six months, so on the recommendations of Leslie Reap who works with QT2 and The Core Diet were re-tooling my diet.

First of all Leslie has added two supplements : probiotics and chia seeds. Probiotics are live microorganisms thought to be healthy for the host organism (and in my specific case to aid in digestion). There are all types of priobiotic supplements out there, the one I picked up was the generic Vitamin Shoppe brand. Then there are chia seeds. Yes, these are the very same seeds you use to make you chi-chi-chia pet grow. Little did I know that chia seeds contain protein, omega-3 oil, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and calcium and, once eaten, chia seeds provide energy, lessen the
risk of cardiovascular disease, stabilize blood sugar, provide the daily requirements of fiber, vitamins and aid in weight loss.
I’m just hoping I’ll be able to swallow them.

Second, and hardest for me, we’re eliminating dairy from my diet. No milk, no cheese, no yogurt (even Greek yogurt) and no cottage cheese. This also means I’ll be switching from whey and casein protein to hemp protein. Leslie recommended using almond milk as a substitute. I haven’t tried it yet but we’ll see how it goes. I’m going to miss dairy but if it helps with my body composition, its well worth it.

Third we’re eliminating all drinkable calories — no more orange juice or apple juice before a training session and no more milk. I still get liquid calories in form of sports drink during training and recovery drink post-training but otherwise I’ll be drinking water, tea, coffee (on a limited basis) and using almond milk to mix with my hemp protein powder.

Finally, Leslie wants me to add in more raw vegetables. So lots of celery, carrot sticks, peppers, cucumbers and mixed greens. Not the easiest thing to do during the winter in New England, but should make for creative shopping trips.

We’re going to try these changes for two weeks and see what happens, then re-tweak as necessary. I’m hoping to be able to report positive changes.

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Kelly Burns Gallagher

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