There are only 17 days until Ironman Florida.  With less than three weeks until race day the bulk of my training is done.  All that’s left is a normal rest week this week and then 2 weeks of taper into the race.  Its been a pretty long year training wise.

Since January 1, 2011 I swam 276,040 yards (that’s 156.84 miles or the equivalent of swimming from Newport, Rhode Island to Portland, Maine), biked 6697.84 miles (about the distance between Hartford, Connecticut and Astana, Kazakhstan) and ran 1097.02 miles (the equivalent of running from Boston to Atlanta). 

My total training time so far in 2011 is 647 hours and 37 minutes.  As Shaun noted, if I had billed an extra 647 hours over the past ten months, I would getting a nice bonus come December. 

 During all this training, my biggest month was May.  I biked 909 miles,  ran 133 miles and swam 43393 yards.  While these numbers seem big, May was part of a 4 week build block and there were 5 weekends in May, which also bumped up the numbers.  I also had 16 days of complete rest so far in 2011, albeit 7 of these days came after finishing Ironman Lake Placid.

Training for Ironman Florida, I’ve raced in seven states – Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Delaware, Maryland and Florida and Shaun and I have spent 25 nights in hotel rooms.  Our favorite hotels over the past year have to be the Bellmoor in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and the Cambridge House Bed and Breakfast in Cambridge, Maryland.   I’ve only been forced to get on a plane four times — both times flying to and from Florida.  Of the four times we checked our bikes, we got charged a bike baggage fee on three occasions (at least it was Southwest and the fee was only $50). 

 During training for Ironman Florida I’ve consumed 2 cases of Clif Shot Bloks (black cherry are my favorite, 3 cases of Raspberry Creme Power Gels, 3 cases of Strawberry Banana Power Gels, 9 canisters of Ironman Perform and 2 canisters of Endurox (the 4 lb size). I gone through two pillow pets — a bumblebee and a panda bear (for travelling in comfort), 11 Oiselle running tees and more pairs of Lululemon speed shorts than I can count.  While trianing I’ve used three different pairs of running shoes (Saucony Kinvaras, K-Swiss Blades and K-Swiss Kwicky Blade Lights) all of which are still in the shoe rotation. 

 For the actual Ironman Florida race, Shaun and I will be flying 1,289 miles from Hartford to Panama City Beach (maybe that should be the run target for Ironman Texas in 2012).  We’ll be spending an additional 5 nights in a hotel (or in this case a condo).  This will be my 4th Ironman (Ironman Louisville in 2008, Arizona in 2009, Lake Placid in 2001) and will keep me even with Shaun (this is his 4th Ironman as well).  During the course of the race I’ll consume 11 Power Gels, 2 packages of Clif shot Bloks, 9 bottles of Ironman Perform on the Bike, 20 or so partially filled cups of Ironman Perform on the run and a banana, which I be eating as I run out of T2. 

While there are lots of number associated with training and racing Ironman Florida, the most important number will be the time on the clock when I finish.  I have a number in mind, but we’ll have to wait and see how the day plays out. 

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