Last week I ran.  Twice.  It wasn’t fast and it wasn’t pretty but it was without pain.  About three weeks ago I learned that there were some not so awesome knee issues that showed up on my MRI.  Based on how symptomatic I was (walking hurt, I was having trouble carrying Ivy around and stairs were miserable) we decided to schedule surgery for February 28th.  Due to issues with insurance, surgery couldn’t be authorized before March 1st, so I had to re-schedule.  The next available date that worked was March 14th, so I’m currently scheduled for a knee arthroscopy on that date.


I ride the trainer. Ivy supervises.

In the interim something started to happen.  The swelling in my knee went down.  The stiffness went away.  I was able to swim without a pull buoy and started to be able to push some watts while on the trainer.  I could carry Ivy downstairs in the morning without worrying about my knee buckling and having the two of us tumble.  I felt better.  Without doing anything.  I started to feel good enough to think about running.  A lot.  Last Thursday I woke up to sunshine and 40 degree temperatures.  I bundled Ivy up, strapped her into the Bugaboo Runner and took off.  We ran (I ran, Ivy slept).  1.8 miles of pain free movement with both feet momentarily off the ground during each stride cycle. After the run I was elated and just a little bit sore.  All day I waited for the knee to swell up, to buckle, to start throbbing and it didn’t happen.  I went to bed that night waiting to wake up with pain and stiffness and it didn’t happen.


Pre-run on Saturday. Warm enough to go without a jacket.

I felt so good I ran again on Saturday.  Three miles with Ivy and no pain.  I actually thought about attempting the 10K at Hyannis (Ryan ran the half marathon).  While I’m, crazy, I’m not quite that crazy.  As I sit here surgery is just over two weeks away and I think (hope, pray) that I’m going to be able to dodge this bullet.  Will I need to have knee scoped eventually?  Probably.  But right now I think I can get by without being cut.  At this point I’m tentatively hoping to run the 5K at Wrightsville Beach, do as many laps as I can manage at the Enchanted Forest Ultra and then move onto Patriot Half.  Wish me luck that my knee continues to cooperate.


Ryan ran fast at Hyannis. I was smart enough not to try to run.  

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