So with Sunday’s 5K, I finished my first chunk of base work for the 2011 season. The way my plan is set up, I had 12 weeks of base that spanned from October through the beginning of January, 4 weeks of build in January and February and then back to 12 more weeks of base from February through the beginning of May. Pretty much the whole point of base is training slower to get faster and back in November Coach Doug set some goals for the end of my first base period:

Swim 400TT: 5:17
Z1 Rides: 116-133 watts
Z1 Running: 9:15-9:54 per mile
5k: 22:50

How did I do? Not bad. I haven’t done a 400TT but 1:15 / 100 yards is well within my abilities right now. My Z1 rides consistently average in the mid-120s so right where I should be on the bike. My Z1 run pace has descended from about a 9:45 / mile in October to a 9:10 / mile now, so I’m good there too. The only goal I missed is the 5K time, but I think on a warmer days on a course with fewer than 18 turns, I would have been a lot closer.

Now, the next set of goals, by 3 weeks before Ironman Lake Placid in July here’s where I should be:

Swim 800TT: 10:25
20-min Bike TT: 208 watts
5k Run: 20:05
Z1 Rides: 129-147 watts
20-min Bike Intervals: 178 watts
Z1 Running Pace: 8:07-8:42 per mile
Mile Repeats: 6:38 per mile

Its going to be a challenging 5 months.

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