Here’s the food for Day 2:

Breakfast — Paleo Krunch Bar, Banana and Decaf Coffee. After breakfast I lifted and did an easy run.

Morning Snack — Greek Yogurt with Cinnamin and a Grapefruit. I had this when I got to work (after leaving the gym).

Lunch — The normal salad and mixed nuts.

Snack — Steve’s Buffalo Chicken Jerky. Best ever 28 grams of protein, no carbs, no sugars and I can pronounce all the ingredients.

Dinner — Turkey burger with pinto beans on top, spinach and a roasted beet.

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Kelly Burns Gallagher

mccarter english employment litigator / oiselle team runner / coeur sports triathlete / sonic endurance coach & race director / writer / dartmouth '02 / emorylaw '05

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