December is a pretty mellow month training wise.  I have lots of Z1 work and not a ton of volume so other than a random sprained ankle from stepping on a rogue rock on the sidewalk there is nothing too interesting to report.  Since the training volume isn’t particularly high, I’ve had time to spend on other things (like searching YouTube for Jason Segel videos — this one is fantastic and this one is running a close second — as a side note I have no idea how I’m going to make it through long trainer rides when I’ve finished watching every single episode of Freaks and Geeks and How I Met Your Mother).  I’ve also been able to go out a little bit more, including a trip to the Feast of the Seven Fishes at Bricco Trattoria.  This is an annual event and I was super excited to be able to take part in most of the courses:

Course 1 – Chilled prawns with chilies, preserved lemon, arugula and fennel.  

Course 2 – Fritto Misto of Baccala, Squid & Smelts.  Emily ate my squid and Shaun ate the Baccala and Smelts.  It looked super good but I wasn’t going to eat the fried fish.

Course 3 – Manila Clams and Scungilli with black risotto.  I are the Clams and Scungilli, Shaun ate the black risotto. 

Course 4 – Grilled Octopus, potatoes, olives, peppers and pesto.

Course 5 – Braised Sea Bream with braised chicory and olives.

The food was so very good.  I can cook but I can’t do anything like this (although I would live to learn to work with octopus of better yet have Shaun learn how to cook like this).  Nom nom nom.

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