Cow friends on the first loop.
I can handle biking in cool temperatures and in rain and in wind, but all three together, not so much.  The goal for today was to do 3 or 4 “leafs” of the Sunderland Cloverleaf Century for a total of 75 to 100 miles.  The beauty of the ride is that there are four 25 mile loops all leaving “downtown” Sunderland, each heading in a different direction and of varying difficulty. We arrived in Sunderland, Massachusetts at about 8 a.m. and it was 50 degrees and drizzling.  Not great weather, but not bad.  Because I missed a turn arrow Shaun and I decided to do the “moderate” leaf first, which involved about 700 feet of climbing over 25 miles.  I really liked the route.  Rolling hills, lots of river crossings and about 45 minutes into the ride pouring rain.  By mile 20 or so I couldn’t feel my hands or my feet and I was completely soaked.  I told Shaun that I wanted to call it a day and finish the ride on the Computrainer, his response was that he needed to do one more loop to “prove he could.”  I told him the only thing it would prove is that he’s stupid.  I guess I’m the stupid one because it stopped raining as we got back to Sunderland and I agreed to do another leaf. 

Cemetery at top of a hill waiting for Shaun.
This time we took off on the “easy” loop with about 400 feet of climbing.  For the first 10 miles it stated dry (although we were soaked all the way through).  Then it started to rain and within a few minutes it was pouring.  I was so unhappy to be out in the pouring rain.  I pretty much spent the last 15 miles bitching at Shaun for making me do a second leaf.  We called it quits after we finished the second loop and decided to finish the ride at home.  Once we got back to car, I stripped naked in the parking lot (Shaun was so nice to inform me that women don’t get arrested for indecent exposure, only men).  At that point I didn’t care and I just wanted to be out of my soaking wet clothes.
Burrito bowl with spinach and shrimp from Bueno y Sano
On the way home we stopped in one of my favorite cities — North Hampton, Massachusetts for lunch. Shaun was fascinated with the Smith students and I was fascinated with lunch at Bueno y Sano.  Best burrito place ever (better than Moes or even Burrito Art in Atlanta). Everything is fresh made right in front or you and there were tons of unique ingredients.  I got a burrito bowl with black beans, pico, grilled shrimp and sauteed shrimp.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.  Shaun had a grilled chicken burrito with rice, black beans and guacamole.  I had a bite, so tasty.

As much as I would have liked to walk around North Hampton, I was still freezing and it was still raining, however, we did make a stop at Ben & Bills Chocolate Emporium. I picked up a little bit of dark chocolate for me, Shaun got some chocolate caramels and candy corn and we picked up a few treats for Erica (who is now on bed rest at Hartford Hospital — not fun). Not a bad way to end a really nasty ride.

One last thought, when we got home, my gerber daisies looked fantastic. Its October and they look better than they did all summer. Not sure what’s going on now but I wanted to share the picture.
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