Final turn. Please, someone strike me with a hammer.

A favorite phrase of mine is that “proper prior planning prevents piss-poor performance.” This is a lesson that I should have remembered during the course of my foray at the Hyannis Half-Marathon this past weekend. As you can imagine by both the title of this entry and this opening, I did not. There’s a reason …
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Saucony Freedom Iso. Image courtesy of Saucony.

There are times where running feels like a complete slog. And then there are times where it feels completely effortless. More often than not, it ranges somewhere in the middle. Typically, with running shoes, you wind up with compromises in footwear design. You have shoes that are perfect for those slogging miles, but don’t hold …
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Imagining Owen

February 20th, 2017 | Posted by Kelly Burns Gallagher in #OwenOtter | Life | Little Otter | Ryan - (0 Comments)

The last few weeks have been a holding pattern training wise (my knee surgery was re-scheduled for March 14th thanks to insurance so I’m only able to swim and gently bike at the moment).  That coupled with a lot of stress at work and a baby with a nasty cold who can’t sleep through the night …
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  From time to time, I have a good idea. This was not one of those times. In the middle of December, while kicking around the Internet at work, I discovered that USA Cycling would be hosting their Cyclocross (or CX, for those in the know) National Championship event here in Hartford in January. Me, …
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Sitting here today it seems as if Ivy has simultaneously been here forever and arrived just yesterday.  In reality Ivy is twenty-three days old and now seems as good a time as any to tell her birth story (plus she’s happily sleeping at the moment, which helps). Ivy’s birth story actually begins a year ago.  As …
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Today is Father’s Day. For those of us with living dads or living children celebrating is fairly straight forward.  I can call my dad.  I can send him a present (or in my case I can hold onto a present until I see him in early July).  There is both a giver and recipient of love …
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