Hooker 2

As many of you know Ryan and I are working to raise $10,000 for the Adirondack Medical Center through the Ironman Foundation (Ryan is racing Ironman Lake Placid).  The $10,000 number is important because its the cost of a NICU incubator.  Due to current resources in the High Peaks region of New York state (where …
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fat otter

Last week on the trainer I watched The Barkley Marathons Documentary on Netflix (side note, if you haven’t watched it, you should).  Lazarus Lake, the founder and race director of The Barkley Marathon made a comment that really stuck with me — “You can’t really accomplish anything without the possibility of failure.”  In my life, personal …
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Imagining Owen

February 20th, 2017 | Posted by Kelly Burns Gallagher in #OwenOtter | Life | Little Otter | Ryan - (0 Comments)

The last few weeks have been a holding pattern training wise (my knee surgery was re-scheduled for March 14th thanks to insurance so I’m only able to swim and gently bike at the moment).  That coupled with a lot of stress at work and a baby with a nasty cold who can’t sleep through the night …
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ivy doctor

For me,  post-pregnancy running and training isn’t pretty.  Unfortunately it got a little uglier this week.  While in Tulsa two weeks ago I fell.  Nothing serious (or so I thought).  I turned my left ankle wearing high heeled boots and fell to the ground.  The next morning I got up and ran.  I actually had …
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blog 2

In the circles I frequent (especially the ones on social media) there are lots of new mommas, especially new mommas who happen to be runners and triathletes.  A pretty frequent topic of conversation has been “what will running be like post-partum” and “what doctors and health care professionals don’t tell you.”  While there are lots …
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  While I’ve been back at work since Thanksgiving, I was lucky to avoid travel for the last two months.  My luck changed this past week and I needed to travel to Tulsa for a case.  Traveling for work is not new.  In 2016 while pregnant, I travelled a total of 37 days (right through …
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Yesterday was Ivy’s first day at daycare.  I know this day has been coming for a very long time (we registered Ivy and put down the deposit when I was still 8 months pregnant).  Finding the right daycare was a tough process, there are just so many places that feel like baby jail, but we’re …
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As I sit here, I’ve officially been back to work for almost four weeks after a fourteen week maternity leave.  Our fourth trimester went by incredibly fast and its hard to believe its almost the end of 2016.  Pretty much everything in the last year has been an adjustment — being pregnant, giving birth, staying home with Ivy …
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To make a long story short: I’m fundraising for the Adirondack Medical Center in Saranac Lake, NY through the Ironman Foundation’s “Your Journey, Your Cause” program. In more detail, then: The last time I tried to go iron-distance racing was nearly two years ago. It ended disastrously. (warning: graphic.) Then last fall, Owen spent an all too …
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Dear Ivy

November 9th, 2016 | Posted by Kelly Burns Gallagher in Life - (0 Comments)

Dear Ivy: Last night Americans elected Donald J. Trump as their forty-fifth president.  President-elect Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, a woman with forty years experience including serving as Senator from New York and Secretary of State under President Obama.  Like me, Secretary Clinton is an attorney.  While I took a job in Big Law after graduation from …
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