On the last day of 2010, Shaun and I ventured to Vermont to get 2011 started off right with a bike fit. We headed up to FitWerx in Waitsfield Vermont (about a three and half hour drive from Connecticut) to be fit by the founder of FitWerx, Ian Buchanan. We brought both my CD.01 and my Tequilo to hopefully have the fit corrected on both bikes.

The fit started off with Ian taking my measurements off the Tequilo (which surpassed the 10,000 mile mark this week)and setting up the fit bike to mirror the Tequilo’s set up. Ian then asked me a serious of questions such as the number of miles per week I was riding and running, my goal races for the season and any issues I had been having on the bike. He then took a series of measurements from me and did a range of motion and stability analysis.

Once he had all my numbers, I got on fit bike. FitWerx uses Dartfish, a multi-camera based system that helps athletes see and understand their posture and technique through dynamic video feedback and assessment tools. Dartfish is also a very adjustable system, allowing tools and specific analysis to be built and executed on the spot.

This is my before from the side:

While my foot position (the green angle was good), my leg wasn’t getting enough extension (the red angle) and my arms were reaching out too far to support the rest of my body (the yellow angle). Ian adjusted the fit cycle to give me additional leg extension and to flatten out my back.

This is my after from the side:

You can see the my leg extension improved by about 6 degrees and that my arms are now directly under my upper body providing additional support.

We next worked on my hip angle. From my range of motion tests, my “comfortable” hip angle way about 55 degrees.

Hip Angle Before Shot:

As you can see from the picture my hip angle was about 4 degrees tighter than my comfortable range of motion. We adjusted the bike to get to a more comfortable and sustainable hip angle.

Hip Angle After Shot:

We then focused on flattening on the hump on my back. Part of the problem with my back is that my body composition needs to get better and I need to get to race weight before I can really flatten out my back.

Here’s the before on the back angle:

And the after:

Once we had made all the adjustments on the fit bike, Ian recorded them and applied them to the Tequilo and the CD.01. On both bikes both the seat and the aero bars were moved up. The Tequilo even required a new stem. On the CD.01, the aero bars were pulled closer to the seat and on both bikes, the aero bars were tilted upwards. Both bikes felt great (although the CD.01 is probably a tad too big but with the adjustments it fits fine). Shaun now want to go back and have his bikes fit too.

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