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Dan hard at work, me pedaling along as we go.

For most triathletes, the most amount of time you’ll be spending during training and racing is on-board the bike. I say most in the above sentence because some of us have had the experience of a “run” lasting nearly as long, or longer than their bike during a race. This means that it is absolutely …
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Dear WTC: Please, fix #5Q so I can do this race.

Note: This is part of our recurring series on the financials of the Ironman Foundation. To see our previous work on the subject, click here. It is the fall, which means it is time for 501(c)(3) organizations to release their prior year tax returns. Form 990s are generally required to be publicly disclosed by October …
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#BroBird Gear Review: Oiselle Distance Short

August 12th, 2015 | Posted by Ryan Heisler in Gear Review | Running - (2 Comments)

brobird noun: a male runner who wears Oiselle apparel: I saw a lot of brobirds at my last marathon. Oiselle has been making running apparel for women since 2007, when Sally Bergesen took her years of branding and marketing experience and applied it to her dream of better fitting, better styled running apparel. I started selling Oiselle …
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Ironman Lake Placid has been on my radar for a decade as a race that I’ve wanted to spectate and participate in. Living in the northeast, it has always had a special place in my heart, especially as it had been the original Ironman in the continental United States. Factor in the magic of the …
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florida panel

Note: Ryan Heisler and I collaborated on this piece.  When reading please remember this is a general overview of how United States labor laws would likely apply to the Professional Triathlon Union.  Without more specific information it is impossible to evaluate all of the potential implications.  — KBG Yesterday morning (7/29), the Professional Triathlon Union (“PTU”) announced itself …
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KBG’s Note:  We previously wrote about the Ironman Foundation here and here.  Lots of people asked us about the Foundation’s 2013 tax returns, which have since become available — the 2014 returns are not yet available — and below is Ryan Heisler’s analysis on the 2013 returns.   Changes in the Foundation’s Organization and Accounting …
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