Its been a pretty tough week in my world. 
I would love to be able to say that every week is a winner and that I keep setting PRs, attaining new heights and doing really cool things, but it doesn’t always happen.  Sometimes it drives me crazy because I feel like everyone else it outside, running around, having successes and I’m home with my foot propped up reading in bed.  Rather than running around, saving the world, I spent most of the week hopping and grabbing onto walls and counters to keep my balance. 

My foot finally started feeling better on Monday night. By Tuesday, I was pretty much off crutches and no longer needed any pain killers, both good things. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t remove my surgical dressings, which was VERY annoying. My foot was hot and itchy and uncomfortable and I just wanted it off, now! 
I was super excited about my Thursday afternoon doctor’s appointment because I thought both the dressing and the stitches were coming out and that I would be cleared to do whatever I wanted.  On Thursday morning, I packed my swim bag before work, anticipating that as soon as the stitches came out I would hit the pool.  It didn’t happen.  Once the bandages came off the doctor informed me that the stitches needed a few more days and that I needed to keep the area clean and dry (as in the opposite of what happens when I swim).  If I can get my bike into the bike shoe, I can ride on the trainer (hooray) so I am working on reducing the inflammation.  Right now the only shoe that fits is a flip flop.  At least its a start. 

While the foot has been crappy, food over the past few days has been pretty good.  Shaun has made HUGE progress going from eating tons of processed crap (I think freeze pops comprised the bottom of his food pyramid) to pretty much eliminating processed food and sugar.  He actually made dinner all by himself one night — grilled lobster tails and asparagus.  Hooray Shaun!

My favorite meal of the week has been pumpkin pancakes — canned pumpkin, eggs, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamin, vanilla and a drop of pure maple syrup makes nice crepe-like pancakes.  If you add in a tiny bit of coconut flour they come out a little fluffier (the ones with coconut flour are pictured below). 

Not to be a complete downer, there were other good things:
1.  I started writing for, a website based in Australia that promotes women in trialthon.  The website is AWESOME.  I’ve written article on Timberman 70.3 and Challenge Penticton with more to come.
2.  Since being selected to the Oiselle Team, I become (re) active on twitter (I’m @kaburns1214) and there are so many ridiculously interesting birds out there.  Right now I’m jealous of their ability to run but its great to be part of the community.
3.  Its Friday and I pulled off wearing a Oiselle Feather Burnout Tee with a skirt and flip flops to work. 
4.  I get to ride my bike this weekend (even if its inside), which also means I get ot watch a lot of Doctor Who. 
5.  We got an awesome box from CTFFE this week (except for the cider donuts, which I donated to the kitche at work).             

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