When I was in law school, I had a thing for the band Something Corporate (I also had a thing for the band’s lead singer/piano player Andrew McMahon).  It was fantastic bouncy yet still emo band and had a great song called 21 and Invincible.  The gist of the song was that at 21 you can do anything and that everyday is “gonna blow us away.” 

I don’t know that I felt invincible at 21– I was a senior in college and 1L in law school and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life (despite the fact that I had signed my life over for the student loans to pay for law school).  I do know mow that I’m officially 31, I feel a lot more invincible than I did at 21.  So in honor of my 31st birthday (and the fact that I am now 10 years removed from 21) I thought I would share some pictures of me at 21. 

Me and Kberg at Theta Bequests Senior Year.  The mark on my head is a curling iron burn.

Ivan and I at spring formal.
Missy and I at her graduation.
Ali Miles and I at our joint 21st birthday party.  I remember this part.  Later in the night, not so much.
Lys and I at homecoming.

Me now at almost 31  (I had to get a picture of Shaun in somewhere). 

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