For the past 4 years the Blazeman Foundation has been the beneficiary of the proceeds from the 1/4 Marathon.  I picked this charity for a lot of reasons: they do good work, they’re super efficient and a very, very small percentage of donations go to overhead, its a field of study with lots of room for advancement, but, most importantly, I was truly moved by Jon Blais’ finish in Kona in 2005.  In 2011, we were able to raise $3700 for the Blazeman Foundation (we’re getting close to $20,000 in total donations).  I was able to send the check to the Blazeman Foundation last week and here’s the response I got from Jon’s dad:

“Kelly thank you for your and the club’s support of the Blazeman Foundation for ALS and especially for your support of Jonathan, our “alswarriorpoet”…”the-blazem​an”, your donation and support are so very much appreciated…Kelly, thank you and the club for joining the Foundation in raising awareness and the much needed funds for ALS research…and in fighting with us the battles that must be fought and won each and everyday in our War On ALS…with your help and together we seek a meaningful treatment and cure…”so others may live.”…as you may know, we strive to hear words that have never been spoken, I AM AN ALS SURVIVOR”…we shall someday hear these words and this will be their(pALS) people with ALS and our Freedom Day!!!
With appreciation…bmom and bdad…jon’s mom and dad.”

 It makes me feel good that we’re actually able to make a difference and I can’t wait to log roll across the finish line at IMLP in memory of Jon.

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Kelly Burns Gallagher

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